FLUID GROUNDS (Benoît Lachambre, Sophie Corriveau) / 26, 27.09 2019 15.00-22.00
28.09 2019 14.00-22.00

Through meticulous taping of the floor of the Hall, the performers sketch a multicolored, theatrical cartography that unfolds slowly. Fluid Grounds comes to life with the presence and movement of the audience. The mapping constitutes a visible memory of the actions behind them and the people who have passed through them. 

Fluid Grounds also invites the audience to participate in the taping practice for a two hour long pop up workshop. The workshop happens once a day, in the space Pelarsalen: 

Thursday 18.00-20.00 (Elinor Tollerz Bratteby) 
Friday 18.00-20.00 (Corinne Muistonen)
Saturday 16.00-18.00 (Daniela Romo Pozo)

Soup will be available for purchase and coffee will be served in Pelarsalen.

Production: Par B.L.eux, Sophie Corriveau 
Choreographic direction, set design conception: Benoît Lachambre 
Performers: Sophie Corriveau, Benoît Lachambre, Anna Pehrsson, Rachel Tess, Andrew Turner, Patricia Vázquez Iruretagoyena
Coperformance and ideation in process of research and creation: Marcio Canabarro, Sophie Corriveau, Benoît Lachambre, Anouk Thériault, Nancy Tobin 
Sound design: Nancy Tobin 
Light design: Jean Jauvin
Outside Eyes: Martin Bélanger 
Artistic Advisors: Katya Montaignac, Angélique Willkie 
Performers in research and creation: Seckin Cinar, Simon Portigal 
Technical Direction: Samuel Thériault 
Distribution: Art Circulation 

Fluid Grounds is coproduced by Agora de la Danse, Charleroi Danse Centre chorégraphique de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles och Festival TransAmériques Partners. With the support of the Conseil des Arts du Canada, the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec and the Conseil des Arts de Montréal.

SEVEN EXTRAVAGANZAS (Frédéric Gies, Fiedel) / 10-11.10 2019 19.00-20.15

Seven Extravaganzas is a group version of Frédéric Gies’ solo Ribbon Dance, created at Weld in 2015, extended with a prologue and an epilogue. For it, Gies gather a group of accomplished dancers, who will raise high the flag of a voluptuous, lavish dance. The dance material of Ribbon dance will be the soil for seven solos that answer, overlap and expand on each other. Through the conversation between seven simultaneous solos a collective dance made of calls and responses will be brought into form, without becoming a policed chorus.

The original Ribbon Dance germinated from an exploration of the currents and forces that underlie Trisha Brown’s dance in Watermotor, and of their unexpected connections to other forms of dance, foreign to postmodern dance. Seven Extravaganzas will blur the boundaries between erudite and popular forms of dance and relate to dance history by doing away with its fetishization. 

Concept: Frédéric Gies 
Dance: Andrea Svensson, Benoît Lachambre, Anna Koch, Hokuto Kodama, Anne Juren, Elizabeth Ward, Frédéric Gies 
Music: Fiedel
Lighting design: Thomas Zamolo
Costumes: Grzegorz Matlag/Maldoror 

With support from The Swedish Arts Council, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Stockholm City Council, ccap and SITE.

PENDING PARALLAX /  23-25.10 2019 18.00-21.00

Let us talk about perspective, about how things change, according to our point of view.

One hall, three nights, three separate dwellings into several doings. Allow yourself to have a full Parallax experience and come all three evenings, none of the days will be the same. No sharp start or end.

By and with:
QUARTO / Anna Mesquita, Leandro Zappala
ccap / Cristina Caprioli, Hana Erdman, Louise Dahl

DURATIONAL SOLO by and with Tilman O’Donnell NB! Only Wednesday October 23
REFLECTIONS by and with Marcia Sá Cavalcante Schuback NB! Only Thursday October 24
ARTIFICIAL AIRS by Marie Fahlin with Maria Öhman NB! Only Friday October 25

Since 2010 QUARTO is developing bodies of work that are emerging in a series of long-term interdisciplinary research. Each part in the ROPE SERIES deals with the thousand-meter long rope in three distinct ways. 

The first part explored the rope’s flux and continuous movement. This research resulted in Beauty of Accident (stage performance), Durational Rope (installation performance) and ROPE#1 (video piece). 

The second part focuses on the rope as a knot/mass/body. The stage performance KNOT BODY unfolded into ROPE#2 (video piece) and THISENTANGLEMENT (installation performance). 

QUARTO is working with the third and final part; ropeSpace that explores the architectural relation between the bodies and rope. 2019-2020 the stage performance unfolds into, ropeSpace Installation, and also become a video piece ROPE#3 (video piece). Communal Rope is the final work in the series and is a group piece that emerges from the experiences in the workshops, where we share the rope practice, and that will result in a site-specific performance 2020 when the project completes 10 years and where all the works from the ROPE SERIES will come together.

Click each title for more info on: ropeSpace and THISENTANGLEMENT 

QUARTO is an artist duo founded in 2003 by Anna Mesquita and Leandro Zappala. Based in Stockholm they live between Brazil and Sweden collaborating with other artists, researchers, academics and institutions devoted to research and development in the art field. This permanent dialogue in-between two distinct countries forces QUARTO to deal with different politics, economies, cultures, working conditions, infrastructure etc. Placing them in constant challenges and impermanence while dealing with such critical questions that we face today. QUARTO received the Birgit Cullberg award 2018.

Choreography, performance & concept: Leandro Zappala & Anna Mesquita
Light design: Pol Matthé
Sound design: Philippe Boix-Vives
Artistic advisor: Igor Dobričić
Philosopher: Marcia Sá Cavalcante Schuback
Distribution: Julia Asperska & Koen Vanhove from Key Performance
Supported by: The Swedish Arts Council, Stockholm’s Culture Committee and The Stockholm County Council

ccap is a non-profit organization for production and distribution of choreography under the leadership of Cristina Caprioli. ccap works with transdisciplinary art projects and social activities through performances, installations, publications, workshops, etc. ccap is based in Stockholm, since 2010 in the working space at Cherry Road and from March 2019 also at the Hall in Farsta.

Technosomatics session (Frédéric Gies) / 5.10 2019 15.00-18.00

Technosomatics is a movement practice developed by Frédéric Gies who shares it in various workshop formats open to anyone who has an appetite for dancing to techno. It is a practice that consists of a collective and individual exploration of the endocrine glands and chakras through club dancing to techno music as wells as the opposite: an exploration of club dancing while embodying the endocrine glands and the chackras. It is practiced mostly with closed eyes, and in a pitch-dark room. It approaches mainstream anatomy as a fiction, emphasizing the experienced body. It is also proposing another kind of collective and social experience, different from a somatic/dance class and from the dance floor. It offers a safe and genuine space for going under the social, being alone together and indulging in altered states of consciousness.

The practice connects to both the field of somatics (movement eduction practices) and to techno club/rave dance cultures. It originates in Frédéric Gies’ encounters with diverse somatic practices, and in his dance floor experiences. It acknowledges the healing potential of the act of dancing.

So far, Frédéric Gies shared the practice in different dance BA and MA programmes at university and in different dance and public contexts: Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle (Warsaw), Art stations – Stary Browar (Poznan), Ponderosa (Germany), Weld (Stockholm), HZT (Berlin), Tanzfabrik (Berlin), DOCH-UNIARTS (Stockholm), Sunday run_up (Stockholm), Danscentrum (Gothenburg), Skogen (Gothenburg), Folk (Gothenburg), KTH-R1 (Stockholm), Stretch Festival (Berlin), Body IQ (Berlin).

Ribbon dance practice (Frédéric Gies) / 5.10 2019 13.00-14.30

In this session, Frédéric Gies will share the basics of the movement practice at the origine of the dance material of ribbon dance. Mixing somatic work based on the circulation of the fluids in our bodies with self-taught rhythmic gymnastics, as well as a movement analysis of the solo Watermotor by Trisha Brown, the dance that is produced indulges voluptuously in ebbs and flows and sudden changes of direction. The gymnastic ribbons become an extension of our bodies.

Club (Yoann Durant, Aurore d'Audiffret) / 12.10 2019 21.00-late

Welcome to a night of music and dance, a night for music and dance. This night is a proposal to surrender to the beat, to step touch in the dark left corner or run in circles in the middle, to sweat for one, two or three hours, to close your eyes and open up spaces within, to support the meetings, the silences, to dance alone next to each other.

We invite you to groove and hang out together, so bring a friend and let’s enjoy a party with good dj sets for free.

The HALL becomes our playground, to meet differently.

DJs: Tyler Matthew Oyer, Edvin Endre, Marcel Engdahl, Yoann Durant

DiM_Dance into Many (Quarto, ccap) / 27.10 2019 14.00-15.00

DiM_Dance into Many invites selected groups of elderly, newly arrived immigrants and people with various dis/abilities to join the ccap artistic team in the dwelling of circumstances which provide for creative interaction. Through the encounter with a performance, participants are engaged in creative processes that mobilize and stimulate all senses. The work departs from the belief that art, not least dancing brings people together. And that every single person, regardless preconditions, can and should be provided the opportunity to manifest their voice in artistic terms and by that also contribute to the making of a common culture. The project targets people who by on account wouldn’t find their way to an art environment, or who may wish to, yet find no opportunity to approach it. The project is run in partnership with local special schools, homes for the elderly, youth centers and other socially engaged municipal and independent organizations and associations.